Putting the Service Back into Customer Service

It can be extremely frustrating when having to deal with any sort of situation that requires customer service. All too often your time, effort, and energy spent on the phone with customer service feels like a waste of time. When facing a challenge or problem, customer service exists to help and provide a meaningful solution. But we all know that is not always the outcome.


How many times have you got off a customer service call and been actually “serviced?” How many times have you actually felt better? Chances are that it is slim to none. But in those times, you had your problem fixed, you remember vividly how good you felt afterwards. You went into the situation with a set of expectations, and those expectations were met. It was everything you could have asked for.


But how often does this actually happen?


In our post-modern world, autogenerated robotic teleoperators and chatbots are becoming the norm when attempting to contact a business about anything at all. “Globocorps” and companies alike are opting to pawn off their front-line communications to AI or robots rather than commissioning a human. This is a huge mistake.

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Try contacting a real person at Google, or Facebook, or Amazon. It’s more likely to get Wordle in 2 than to get ahold of a human representative at first contact with these large corporations. A robot attendant is pre-programmed to respond and interact with only a limited set of inputs and outputs. Conversational factors such as inflection of voice, tone, emotion, and diction are all missed when speaking to a robotic program on the phone.


Let’s say you do get ahold of a human customer service representative, their goal is to simply meet, or satisfy, your needs. The current industry standard revolves around this concept. The concept of customer satisfaction, or in other words: “the bare minimum of what is required to fix the problem.”


Johnny Jolter’s customer service team is committed to delivering customer excellence, NOT customer satisfaction. But what is customer excellence, anyways?


We have already highlighted what customer satisfaction looks like, but let’s shift to talking about what customer excellence is.


Customer excellence is not nuanced. It is not a formula. It does, however, require a bit of tact, critical thinking, and a healthy dose of empathy on the representative’s part. But most importantly, customer excellence requires the representative to go above and beyond to help the customer.


A practical way to stay in the mindset of customer excellence is to treat every customer like they are your only and last customer.


Johnny Jolter’s customer excellence commitment in regards to customer service begins with

listening to what the caller has to say,

understanding their situation,

asking meaningful, relevant questions,Checklist Icon Template Design Vector Graphic by zAe · Creative Fabrica

finding the customer’s pain points,

asking more questions,

discussing a possible solution or plan to help solve the problem(s),

getting the customer’s input,

leaving the call with a plan of action to rectify the situation,

and enacting that plan with care and expediency.


The most important aspect of our service team’s customer excellence commitment is going the extra mile to reach beyond the customer’s expectations. Going the “extra mile” does not belong at the beginning or the end of the call, but it should permeate throughout the entire process.


Examples of this could be asking contextually relevant questions about the customers problem, offering to remedy the situation at no added cost to the customer, or even following up the conversation with a questionnaire on how their experience went.


It is very important for us to receive feedback on your customer service calls with our team. Your thoughts and experiences with Johnny Jolter keep us informed on what we are doing well and what we are needing to improve upon.


If you have had an experience with our customer service representatives, please give us feedback on your experience at support@johnnyjolter.com. Every bit of commentary is appreciated.


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