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Taking care of a clogged toilet used to be a thing of horror. When using a traditional toilet plunger, there’s no guarantee that the clog is going to be handled, not to mention the potential for spills and mess. Enter Johnny Jolter: the world’s most powerful toilet plunger. Say goodbye to spillage, mess and most importantly, clogs.

Cleaning Up a Dirty Job

Johnny Jolter is about taking a dirty job and making it easier and cleaner. Getting rid of clogs in a easy and effective way is our business. It’s what we do (and we do a lot of it) and we’re really good at it. We have a product that’s sending other products straight down the drain.
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How It Works

The Johnny Jolter Professional Toliet Plunger is the most effective toilet plunger available today at any price. Used by Professional Maintenance companies, this hi-quality, made-in-USA product is now available to the homeowner. It works by drawing water into the chamber, then forcing it back through the blockage. Clears toilets with just one push. No overflow mess, no cartridges to replace. Easy to maintain, clean and store for the times when you need a quick fix to a plugged toilet! Use what the professionals use and FEEL THE POWER! The Johnny Jolter Professional Toliet Plunger: One push, no mess, toilet clear!
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The World's Best Toilet Plunger

Proudly assembled in the USA by disabled Army Veterans, Johnny Jolter is the fastest and cleanest way to deal with clogged toilets. No matter whether in a residential or commercial setting, nothing beats the Johnny Jolter!


Johnny Jolter is perfect for home use. It is easy to clean and store and makes quick work of typical clogs.


Don't waste time on clogs and their ensuing mess. Johnny Jolter makes it easy to get back to business quickly.


Already used by professionals nationwide, adding Johnny Jolter to your arsenal allows you to get more done.

An American Company

Every Johnny Jolter is manufactured in the USA and is assembled by disabled Army veterans. We believe in American business and giving back to the community. Every purchase you make goes to supporting these fine men and women.

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