How to Use Johnny Jolter

How to Use Johnny Jolter

Johnny Jolter The No Mess Plunger was made with you in mind. Johnny Jolter’s ergonomic design and user-friendly functionality allow anyone from a child to an elderly adult to handle and operate it without stress or strain.

In this post, you will get a step by step description on HOW to use Johnny Jolter as well as how to maintain it.

At this point you may be wondering…what is Johnny Jolter?

Good question.

Johnny Jolter The No Mess Plunger is a professional power plunger that tackles toilet and drain clogs of all types. Whether your at-home bathroom toilet is backed up or your work’s office restroom stops flushing properly, Johnny Jolter is made to handle them all.

Generating up to 140 psi of water pressure, Johnny Jolter is made to handle the toughest of drain clogs, and it does so with NO MESS! The utilization of water, rather than air or CO₂, creates a clean force of power without bubbles, backsplash, or mess.


Now that you have a better understanding of what Johnny Jolter is, let’s talk about how to use it.


Instructions on How to Use Johnny Jolter:

  1. Take the rubber cone of your Johnny Jolter and submerge it into the bowl of your toilet. Place the tip down into the hole of the toilet drain.
  2. Press the cone gently into the drain of the toilet.
  3. Pull the shaft up using the handle to draw the water in.
  4. Push the shaft down using the handle with force
  5. Toilet clear! No mess!

It’s just that simple.

To view an interactive video representation of these How To instructions, click HERE.

After using your Johnny Jolter, we encourage users to maintain their plunger regularly.

Below are the instructions on how you can perform maintenance on your Johnny Jolter effectively and properly.


Instructions on How to Maintain Johnny Jolter:


A. Turn plunger cap counter-clockwise to unlock

B. Pull up to remove handle assembly

*Can remove cone for cleaning as well


C. Clean parts with warm, soapy water and allow to dry

D. Lubricate rubber gasket perimeter with synthetic grease or petroleum jelly

*Lubricate top perimeter of body for ease during reassembly


E. Lubricate rubber gasket perimeter with petroleum jelly

F. Align dots on cap and handle and turn cap clockwise until it locks in place


You now have learned how to properly use your Johnny Jolter plunger and how to properly maintain it so you can keep your toilets and drains clear for years and years!


Each Johnny Jolter comes with an informational sticker placed on the side of the plunger opposite the logo so you can always reference these directions on how to use and how to maintain your Johnny Jolter!


Now that you are a professional clog buster, you are equipped to tackle the toughest of toilet blockages with NO mess potential.


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