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Multiple Toilets? Plumbers Cost on Average $143-$263 an Hour, Don't Incur Unnecessary Costs

Whether you’re a professional plumber, or work in any commercial space, the Johnny Jolter toilet plunger is the right tool for the job. Messy situations that used to take up valuable time can now be dealt with quickly, easily and mess-free.

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It happens to us all. Sooner or later your toilet will become clogged. When it does, be ready with Johnny Jolter, the effective, no-mess way to unclog your drain.

In a commercial setting, countless individuals rely on you to provide easy access to fully functioning toilets. You never want to be in a situation where you don’t have the right tools – in the right quantity – to ensure their needs are met. Purchasing multiple units of our high-pressure power plunger ensures your maintenance staff always has what they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Commercial Toilet Plunger: Cut Your Business Expenses

Toilet clogs are bound to happen at some point or another, whether you’re at home, work, or anywhere else. With the right tools, however, the plumbing repairs and costs that often come with clogs can be avoided.

Whether you’re a professional plumber or a maintenance crew member working with multiple toilets in a commercial space, the Johnny Jolter Power Toilet Plunger is the right tool for the job. Messy situations that used to take up valuable time can now be handled quickly, easily, and with no mess at all.

High-Pressure Toilet Plunger & Drain Opener

It happens to everyone—sooner or later the toilets in your commercial space will become clogged. When they do, be ready with Johnny Jolter, the effective, no-mess solution for unclogging your drain.

Water drawn into our heavy-duty plunger is directed toward the clog, giving a powerful force to quickly break it up and restore normal function to the drain. The handle and support arm are ergonomically designed to promote smooth, comfortable operation, so you won’t have to strain as you would trying to maneuver a conventional plunger. When you’re finished, the Johnny Jolter easily disassembles for fast and simple cleaning.

Those who may benefit from the Johnny Jolter PRO in a commercial setting include:

  • Property Managers
  • Venue and Event Space Renters
  • Industrial Business Owners
  • And More!
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Why Use Johnny Jolter?

The Johnny Jolter Power Plunger received the prestigious Retailers Choice Award by the National Retailer Hardware Association at the 2018 National Hardware Show, beating out over half a million products in the process. Incredible!

Made in the USA , our high-pressure power plunger is the leading commercial plunger on the market. See the Johnny Jolter PRO Toilet Plunger create up to 140 pounds of incredible, unbeatable pressure! This short video shows the pressure test. That’s why we say “One Push, No Mess, Toilet Clear!”

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