Cut Unnecessary Toilet Expenses

Multiple Toilets? Plumbers Cost on Average $143-$362 an Hour, Don't Incur Unnecessary Costs

Your business does not have to suffer from outrageous plumber costs, repair costs, and maintenance costs. You can cut your expenses in half by purchasing Johnny Jolter The No Mess Plunger. Take control of your maintenance and everyday issues and with the right tool for the job when you order our plungers in bulk!

Industrial Toilet Plunger: Your Business, Handled

Any solution that saves you time and money when you’re a business owner is one worth having. Although you may not think of it at first, a quality plunger that can handle any toilet clog is one of them. When your business has multiple toilets, repair and maintenance costs can really add up if an unfortunate situation arises. Be prepared with the Johnny Jolter Toilet Plunger and keep your business moving.

Best High-Pressure Power Plunger for Toilets

Proudly assembled in the USA by disabled army veterans, the award-winning Johnny Jolter is the world’s most effective heavy-duty industrial toilet plunger available. It can apply over 140 lbs. of pressure, leveraging the mass of water, not air, against any clog using manual power alone. It clears the clog in just one push.

How Does It Work?

Our high-pressure toilet plunger has a flexible tapered cone-tip that seals tightly to any toilet drain opening, including high-efficiency toilets, ensuring that there is no backsplash—all the force is directed at the source of the clog. Press the cone into the drain, simply put the plunger in the bowl below the water line, pull back the handle to draw in water then give it one push to release the pressure and move the clog.

Virtually any toilet clog can’t withstand such massive force, which is why we say, “One Push, No Mess, Toilet Clear!” Johnny Jolter more than pays for itself with the very first use!

Our industrial power plunger is a great fit for:

  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Universities
  • Call centers
  • And any other business!
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Why Use Johnny Jolter?

Johnny Jolter PRO Power Toilet Plunger was chosen from over a half million products to receive the prestigious Retailer’s Choice Award by the National Retailer Hardware Association at the 2018 National Hardware Show. The Johnny Jolter Toilet Plunger creates over 140 pounds of incredible, unbeatable pressure! When it comes to finding the best bulk plunger for event spaces, offices, restaurants, and schools, the proof is in the video.

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Want to Purchase Multiple Units?

Take control of your maintenance and everyday plumbing issues when you order our problem-solving plunger! With the Johnny Jolter Power Plunger, your business can cut its plumbing expenses in half.

Ordering bulk plungers may seem like an overreaction — how often will you need more than one? However, your maintenance staff shouldn’t be caught off guard and unprepared for an extreme plumbing emergency. When you order our high-pressure power plungers in bulk, you can ensure that you and your staff have the tools to handle any situation that might arise.

No matter the size of your business space, don’t get caught with more clogs than plungers. Make sure every bathroom is prepared with a Johnny Jolter and be ready for all messes. Contact us to place your order today!

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