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The Average Cost of a Plumber is $143 - $326 Per Visit


Spare yourself the headache of setting up an appointment, finding the right plumber, finding the right rate, having them come to your home to unclog your toilet and solve it yourself. Johnny Jolter The No Mess Plunger is a one time payment and you have the power to handle the toughest jobs right in your own home. Easy to clean, no mess and effective.

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Incredible! See Johnny Jolter The No Mess Plunger create up to 140 pounds of incredible, unbeatable pressure!  That’s why we say “One Push, No Mess, Toilet Clear!”

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Best Plunger for Toilets

A clogged toilet isn’t a worry most homeowners have at the forefront of their minds… until it happens. Then, when a clog inevitably develops, traditional air plungers often fail to solve the problem. After the mad scramble to keep the water from overflowing, the only solution left is to take on the headache of finding a plumber, trying to get an appointment, and then paying a high hourly rate for them to come fix it. That is, unless you have the right equipment.

With Johnny Jolter The No Mess Plunger, you can save yourself the trouble and clear clogs quickly and on your own without wasting time and money hiring outside help.

Our high-pressure toilet plunger gives you the power to handle the toughest jobs right in your own home. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a plumber, make a one-time payment and have everything you need to eliminate toilet clogs with just one push.

High-Pressure Toilet Plunger

Johnny Jolter heavy-duty toilet plunger works by using water, instead of air, to break up toilet clogs. All you have to do is put the plunger into the toilet bowl, pull the handle up to draw in water, and push it back down to create enough pressure to push through the clog. Our power plunger produces up to 140 pounds of unbeatable pressure, so no clog stands a chance.

Not only is Johnny Jolter the most effective, easy-to-use plunger on the market, but it’s also easy to clean, requires minimal maintenance, and leaves no overflow mess after use! Assembly is proudly handled in the USA by disabled army veterans.

Solving household plumbing problems has never been so simple or made you feel so good.

You can order your power plunger directly from our website today and never worry about a clogged toilet in your home again!

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I have owned mine for several years and Love it. You must maintain the inside Plunger!!! Keep clean and well lubricated with Petroleum Jelly ( Vaseline ) and it will create good suction and force to rid the waste. Easier then any Plunger I have ever used!!!! The key to it is VASELINE on the Plunger every time it is used!!!!


With today’s low-flow toilets, I don’t wait for clogs. I plunge on a regular basis. The biggest complaint I read in reviews is having to clean the interior of this tool of the icky water sucked up within the toilet when the toilet is clogged. First of all, don’t use that water, Fill the tub or a 5-gallon bucket with clean water. But better, plunge your toilets the first of the month or some easily-remembered date just as you change your furnace filter. Set a date on your calendar so you remember.

The best money I’ve spent on plumbing!


My girlfriend clogs my toilet at every opportunity. I sat there churning the dookie butter forever with my regular plunger, and gave up and ordered this. The Johnny Jolter took care of it without batting an eyelash. Great product.

-T. Ksander