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Over the years, Johnny Jolter has impacted the lives of numerous consumers ranging from various diverse backgrounds, ages, and professions. Sharing experiences about how Johnny Jolter has improved people’s plumbing problems is important, but highlighting how it has impacted their life is even more important.

Below are a few testimonials from our customers and how Johnny Jolter has impacted their lives.


I'm a stroke survivor at age 50, and I only have the use of one good arm. I had a clogged toilet and this plumber was trying to take advantage of me. Oh, he said, we will have to cut down two trees, go down with a snake and a camera, reseal all the drains out the yard, etc. He lost me at cutting down the trees. Over my dead body. So I thanked him for his time and sent him on his way. I knew something was crooked. I may not have good speech now, but I can THINK just fine, thank you so much. The county came out and cleared the sewer line from their end. Almost clear, but not quite. I had ordered a big blue plunger on Amazon that was totally worthless. I have a low flow toilet, and I think it could not get enough pressure. Total waste of money. Anyway, So I ordered this product, Johnny Jolter, and it arrived in two days. It says it can be used with one hand, and it is right. SO EASY. In two plunges, it cleared the drain. It is so easy to clean. The blue cylinder comes right out of the tan section, and it rinses perfectly. I don't think I've ever been happier with a purchase!!!!! 30,000 gold stars!



So there I was in the middle of night. I flushed the toilet just to hear the water fill up the bowl. I got out the trusty plunger and proceeded to make a splashing mess all over the bathroom floor. I decided to go back to bed and deal with it in the morning. In the morning I flushed again, and every time I got home from work, to see if it would finally work. Tried the plunger several times. Useless. Forget it, I'll need to call the plumber for this one, maybe I should buy a snake? So I went looking for a solution and found this gem of a plunger. OMG! so easy. Just put into the toilet bowl below the water line and pull out handle to suck water into it. Next, just place the plunger at the hole and push the plunger handle to force the pressured water into it. So easy, not difficult AT ALL, no mess and works first time. I HIGHLY recommend this plunger, stop fighting with those others. Throw your plungers out the door because you won't need them anymore.



We have frequent clogs in my house due to the environmentally-friendly, low-flow toilets required in my community. Not sure how they are supposed to conserve water if you have to flush multiple times as opposed to only once with a little more water, but that's another issue. Frequently, the scenario in my house was to work at clogs for several days before we would eventually have to call a plumber at least once a month. I finally started searching for plunger alternatives online to avoid the costly plumber call on the most recent clog and found the Johnny Jolter. It took about a week to arrive, so the clog hadn't budged in that entire time of us frequently trying to unclog with the rather high-end plunger. When we got the Johnny Jolter, my 20-yr old son was literally acting as if it were Christmas as he tore open the box and darted off to the bathroom to give a try. Within seconds the clog was released. This product costs only half of one plumber visit, and saves us a ton of time and inconvenience. I only wish I had found it sooner. It is an awesome product and very easy to use. It is really too bad they don't sell it in the big box stores.



With today's low-flow toilets, I don't wait for clogs. I plunge on a regular basis. The biggest complaint I read in reviews is having to clean the interior of this tool of the icky water sucked up within the toilet when the toilet is clogged. First of all, don't use that water, Fill the tub or a 5-gallon bucket with clean water. But better, plunge your toilets the first of the month or some easily-remembered date just as you change your furnace filter. Set a date on your calendar so you remember.

The best money I've spent on plumbing!



Having a great product can be amazing, but having a product that improves your quality of life is priceless.

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