In this blog, we will be addressing our most frequently asked question: Does Johnny Jolter work on sinks, showers, and tubs?


And the answer is … yes and no … we’ll explain.


Firstly, Johnny Jolter the No Mess Plunger is a professional toilet plunger. Johnny Jolter is intended to be used on toilets … of all shapes and sizes alike. That being said, just because something has an intended use does not mean it can’t be multifunctional.


For example, an iPhone is designed to do many things in regards to communication, videography, etc. It could also be used as a blunt object used to hammer a nail into a piece of wood. However, I would not recommend you attempt to jam a nail down using your very expensive, very sophisticated phone, nonetheless, it could be done.


As we have tested Johnny Jolter over the years, we have found that Johnny Jolter can in fact be used to clear drain clogs and stoppages in sinks, showers, and tubs.


Now of course with this claim, there are also some disclaimers and caveats. The biggest one being that Johnny Jolter’s design is to clear toilet clogs with no mess and minimal effort.

Johnny Jolter can be used to clear sink clogs, shower clogs, and tub clogs, but the effectiveness heavily varies depending on the nature of the clog, and the plumbing of said sink, shower, and tub.


In regards to showers and tubs, Johnny Jolter works most effectively on walk-in showers. This is because there is no trap system in a walk-in shower. With bath tub showers, there is almost always a trap. A trap plumbing system is a U-shaped portion of pipe designed to trap water to prevent overflow and flooding, and this can affect the pressure Johnny Jolter can absorb and release into the drain. A good workaround for showers and tubs with a trap system would be to clog or block the flow of air and liquid to the trap. Blocking the trap will allow for more pressure absorbed and released by Johnny Jolter.


Sinks can come in many shapes, sizes, and functionalities. The plumbing on your kitchen sink can vary from the plumbing in your bathroom. Thankfully, Johnny Jolter can still tackle clogs that occur in your sinks, but like showers or tubs the effectiveness depends on the type of plumbing you are working with. If there is a trap, your results may vary, but if the plumbing does not have a trap your results will be much better.


Other plumbing factors can determine how well Johnny Jolter will work on sinks, showers, and tubs such as plumbing, the materials causing the clog, and so on. The important thing to keep in mind is that although Johnny Jolter can help clear unconventional clogs, its main mode of function is to clear waste and waste products clogging toilets.


Whenever you are facing a nasty clog not inside of the toilet, don’t discount the power of Johnny Jolter!


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