Turn Up the Volume On Your Bathroom

First impressions are everything. Every visitor who walks into a business creates a first impression in their mind within the first 5 seconds upon entry. All five senses collaborate immediately to communicate a message, and it is your responsibility to ensure you are creating the best experience possible.


Are the floors swept?

Are the desks or counters clear of clutter?

Is there dust on the surfaces?

Is the air pleasant to breathe?

Are your bathrooms clean?


These are a few questions you can evaluate as a person who works in a professional environment. Be honest with your assessment. Are you doing your best to maintain a clean office, shop, storefront, etc.?


An integral part of keeping a space clean is making sure your facility’s restroom or bathroom area is neat and orderly. When someone walks into a restroom, the cleanliness of that restroom is a direct reflection of the owner or caretaker’s level of hygiene. A simple list of potential bathroom sanitary standards could include:


The toilet is working and flushing properly

The sink works and drains well

The toilet paper, paper towels and other toiletries are easily accessible and available

The lights are bright and in good working order

The floor is swept, mopped, and sanitized

The air is pleasant and clean

A Johnny Jolter is available and ready for potential clogs


This last item on the checklist is one of, if not, the most important. Should the unfortunate event of a clog occur, you are prepared to bust the toilet clog with the best toilet plunger: Johnny Jolter the No Mess Plunger.


Avoid the hassle of having to use a traditional plunger, and order Johnny Jolter, a professional tool, now. Generating over 140 psi of water pressure, Johnny Jolter is made to clear clogs fast and with no mess.

Johnny Jolter is a professional power plunger that is trusted by professional plumbers and maintenance workers across the United States. Every Johnny Jolter is made, assembled, and distributed exclusively in the United States. When you support Johnny Jolter, you support an American company.


Tackle toilet clogs and blockages with Johnny Jolter. Get yours now at johnnyjolter.com.


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Putting the Service Back into Customer Service

It can be extremely frustrating when having to deal with any sort of situation that requires customer service. All too often your time, effort, and energy spent on the phone with customer service feels like a waste of time. When facing a challenge or problem, customer service exists to help and provide a meaningful solution. But we all know that is not always the outcome.


How many times have you got off a customer service call and been actually “serviced?” How many times have you actually felt better? Chances are that it is slim to none. But in those times, you had your problem fixed, you remember vividly how good you felt afterwards. You went into the situation with a set of expectations, and those expectations were met. It was everything you could have asked for.


But how often does this actually happen?


In our post-modern world, autogenerated robotic teleoperators and chatbots are becoming the norm when attempting to contact a business about anything at all. “Globocorps” and companies alike are opting to pawn off their front-line communications to AI or robots rather than commissioning a human. This is a huge mistake.

Android Apps by Google LLC on Google PlayFacebook New 2023 Icon Logo PNG vector in SVG, PDF, AI, CDR format


File:Amazon logo.svg


Try contacting a real person at Google, or Facebook, or Amazon. It’s more likely to get Wordle in 2 than to get ahold of a human representative at first contact with these large corporations. A robot attendant is pre-programmed to respond and interact with only a limited set of inputs and outputs. Conversational factors such as inflection of voice, tone, emotion, and diction are all missed when speaking to a robotic program on the phone.


Let’s say you do get ahold of a human customer service representative, their goal is to simply meet, or satisfy, your needs. The current industry standard revolves around this concept. The concept of customer satisfaction, or in other words: “the bare minimum of what is required to fix the problem.”


Johnny Jolter’s customer service team is committed to delivering customer excellence, NOT customer satisfaction. But what is customer excellence, anyways?


We have already highlighted what customer satisfaction looks like, but let’s shift to talking about what customer excellence is.


Customer excellence is not nuanced. It is not a formula. It does, however, require a bit of tact, critical thinking, and a healthy dose of empathy on the representative’s part. But most importantly, customer excellence requires the representative to go above and beyond to help the customer.


A practical way to stay in the mindset of customer excellence is to treat every customer like they are your only and last customer.


Johnny Jolter’s customer excellence commitment in regards to customer service begins with

listening to what the caller has to say,

understanding their situation,

asking meaningful, relevant questions,Checklist Icon Template Design Vector Graphic by zAe · Creative Fabrica

finding the customer’s pain points,

asking more questions,

discussing a possible solution or plan to help solve the problem(s),

getting the customer’s input,

leaving the call with a plan of action to rectify the situation,

and enacting that plan with care and expediency.


The most important aspect of our service team’s customer excellence commitment is going the extra mile to reach beyond the customer’s expectations. Going the “extra mile” does not belong at the beginning or the end of the call, but it should permeate throughout the entire process.


Examples of this could be asking contextually relevant questions about the customers problem, offering to remedy the situation at no added cost to the customer, or even following up the conversation with a questionnaire on how their experience went.


It is very important for us to receive feedback on your customer service calls with our team. Your thoughts and experiences with Johnny Jolter keep us informed on what we are doing well and what we are needing to improve upon.


If you have had an experience with our customer service representatives, please give us feedback on your experience at support@johnnyjolter.com. Every bit of commentary is appreciated.


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See What People Have to Say

Over the years, Johnny Jolter has impacted the lives of numerous consumers ranging from various diverse backgrounds, ages, and professions. Sharing experiences about how Johnny Jolter has improved people’s plumbing problems is important, but highlighting how it has impacted their life is even more important.

Below are a few testimonials from our customers and how Johnny Jolter has impacted their lives.


I'm a stroke survivor at age 50, and I only have the use of one good arm. I had a clogged toilet and this plumber was trying to take advantage of me. Oh, he said, we will have to cut down two trees, go down with a snake and a camera, reseal all the drains out the yard, etc. He lost me at cutting down the trees. Over my dead body. So I thanked him for his time and sent him on his way. I knew something was crooked. I may not have good speech now, but I can THINK just fine, thank you so much. The county came out and cleared the sewer line from their end. Almost clear, but not quite. I had ordered a big blue plunger on Amazon that was totally worthless. I have a low flow toilet, and I think it could not get enough pressure. Total waste of money. Anyway, So I ordered this product, Johnny Jolter, and it arrived in two days. It says it can be used with one hand, and it is right. SO EASY. In two plunges, it cleared the drain. It is so easy to clean. The blue cylinder comes right out of the tan section, and it rinses perfectly. I don't think I've ever been happier with a purchase!!!!! 30,000 gold stars!



So there I was in the middle of night. I flushed the toilet just to hear the water fill up the bowl. I got out the trusty plunger and proceeded to make a splashing mess all over the bathroom floor. I decided to go back to bed and deal with it in the morning. In the morning I flushed again, and every time I got home from work, to see if it would finally work. Tried the plunger several times. Useless. Forget it, I'll need to call the plumber for this one, maybe I should buy a snake? So I went looking for a solution and found this gem of a plunger. OMG! so easy. Just put into the toilet bowl below the water line and pull out handle to suck water into it. Next, just place the plunger at the hole and push the plunger handle to force the pressured water into it. So easy, not difficult AT ALL, no mess and works first time. I HIGHLY recommend this plunger, stop fighting with those others. Throw your plungers out the door because you won't need them anymore.



We have frequent clogs in my house due to the environmentally-friendly, low-flow toilets required in my community. Not sure how they are supposed to conserve water if you have to flush multiple times as opposed to only once with a little more water, but that's another issue. Frequently, the scenario in my house was to work at clogs for several days before we would eventually have to call a plumber at least once a month. I finally started searching for plunger alternatives online to avoid the costly plumber call on the most recent clog and found the Johnny Jolter. It took about a week to arrive, so the clog hadn't budged in that entire time of us frequently trying to unclog with the rather high-end plunger. When we got the Johnny Jolter, my 20-yr old son was literally acting as if it were Christmas as he tore open the box and darted off to the bathroom to give a try. Within seconds the clog was released. This product costs only half of one plumber visit, and saves us a ton of time and inconvenience. I only wish I had found it sooner. It is an awesome product and very easy to use. It is really too bad they don't sell it in the big box stores.



With today's low-flow toilets, I don't wait for clogs. I plunge on a regular basis. The biggest complaint I read in reviews is having to clean the interior of this tool of the icky water sucked up within the toilet when the toilet is clogged. First of all, don't use that water, Fill the tub or a 5-gallon bucket with clean water. But better, plunge your toilets the first of the month or some easily-remembered date just as you change your furnace filter. Set a date on your calendar so you remember.

The best money I've spent on plumbing!



Having a great product can be amazing, but having a product that improves your quality of life is priceless.

Thank you to these awesome customers and all those who have left us reviews on how our toilet plunger helped solve your problems and fill your needs. Sharing your story is an integral part of Johnny Jolter’s brand.

If you have not done so, please leave us a review and let us know how we are doing here at Johnny Jolter! It is your feedback, positive or negative, that informs on how Johnny Jolter can be improved upon. We believe the most valuable information comes directly from the consumers themselves.

Leave a review for us on Google, Amazon, or directly at support@johnnyjolter.com

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How to Use Johnny Jolter

How to Use Johnny Jolter

Johnny Jolter The No Mess Plunger was made with you in mind. Johnny Jolter’s ergonomic design and user-friendly functionality allow anyone from a child to an elderly adult to handle and operate it without stress or strain.

In this post, you will get a step by step description on HOW to use Johnny Jolter as well as how to maintain it.

At this point you may be wondering…what is Johnny Jolter?

Good question.

Johnny Jolter The No Mess Plunger is a professional power plunger that tackles toilet and drain clogs of all types. Whether your at-home bathroom toilet is backed up or your work’s office restroom stops flushing properly, Johnny Jolter is made to handle them all.

Generating up to 140 psi of water pressure, Johnny Jolter is made to handle the toughest of drain clogs, and it does so with NO MESS! The utilization of water, rather than air or CO₂, creates a clean force of power without bubbles, backsplash, or mess.


Now that you have a better understanding of what Johnny Jolter is, let’s talk about how to use it.


Instructions on How to Use Johnny Jolter:

  1. Take the rubber cone of your Johnny Jolter and submerge it into the bowl of your toilet. Place the tip down into the hole of the toilet drain.
  2. Press the cone gently into the drain of the toilet.
  3. Pull the shaft up using the handle to draw the water in.
  4. Push the shaft down using the handle with force
  5. Toilet clear! No mess!

It’s just that simple.

To view an interactive video representation of these How To instructions, click HERE.

After using your Johnny Jolter, we encourage users to maintain their plunger regularly.

Below are the instructions on how you can perform maintenance on your Johnny Jolter effectively and properly.


Instructions on How to Maintain Johnny Jolter:


A. Turn plunger cap counter-clockwise to unlock

B. Pull up to remove handle assembly

*Can remove cone for cleaning as well


C. Clean parts with warm, soapy water and allow to dry

D. Lubricate rubber gasket perimeter with synthetic grease or petroleum jelly

*Lubricate top perimeter of body for ease during reassembly


E. Lubricate rubber gasket perimeter with petroleum jelly

F. Align dots on cap and handle and turn cap clockwise until it locks in place


You now have learned how to properly use your Johnny Jolter plunger and how to properly maintain it so you can keep your toilets and drains clear for years and years!


Each Johnny Jolter comes with an informational sticker placed on the side of the plunger opposite the logo so you can always reference these directions on how to use and how to maintain your Johnny Jolter!


Now that you are a professional clog buster, you are equipped to tackle the toughest of toilet blockages with NO mess potential.


Please leave us a review online and let us know about your experience with Johnny Jolter!

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Don’t “Flush” Your Money Away in 2024

The new year is here, and millions of people are focusing their attention on starting 2024 with good momentum. For many, this comes in the form of resolutions.

We’ve all heard them.

Purchasing that gym membership you have been avoiding for years…

Losing that extra weight you are tired of having…

Reading that book you have been putting off…

Going the extra mile at work to earn the promotion you want…

Budgeting your money better to be more financially sound…

And buying a Johnny Jolter instead of calling for a plumber when you get a clogged toilet…

Wait. What?

That’s right. Johnny Jolter!

It’s bound to happen. May it be once, twice, or (if you have small children who love to flush things down the toilet) thirty-four times, your toilet will clog unexpectedly!

Most often it is at the most inconvenient of times.

With Johnny Jolter The No Mess Plunger by your side this new year, you can be better prepared when your plumbing “takes a dump,” and you are facing down a clog that requires a professional tool for the job.

Johnny Jolter is a professional plunger that clears clogs FAST and with NO MESS.

Traditional plungers struggle to get the job done right and in a timely manner; Johnny Jolter’s unique design and power focuses water pressure directly down your plumbing to get virtually any clog gone.

Rather than waiting for a plumber to arrive, take a DIY approach to plumbing blockages with Johnny Jolter. The No Mess Plunger enables you and other homeowners to be proactive with plumbing issues while saving hard-earned money in the long run with a one-time purchase of Johnny Jolter.

Whatever challenges or unexpected incidents that may occur in 2024, rest assured that tackling a nasty clogged toilet does not have to be on the list with Johnny Jolter. Empower yourself to handle your plumbing issues with Johnny Jolter and invest in a more sustainable option for your home.

See how Johnny Jolter works HERE.

Explore everything Johnny Jolter HERE.

Please leave us a review online and let us know about your experience with Johnny Jolter!

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Johnny Jolter Helping Small Business

There are over 33 million small businesses in the United States today, and those small businesses account for over 99.9% of all U.S. businesses. The American economy thrives from the hard work and dedication put in by small business owners and their employees, many of whom are striving to fill a need in their local community, city, or area. Solving problems is what small businesses do.

Running a small business takes a huge time commitment, and many small business owners or managers understand that time is the most valuable asset they have. Attending customers' needs, facing issues that arise throughout day-to-day operations, training employees and personnel, and a myriad of other activities require precious time. Figuring out how to delegate time to accomplish each individual task while also working towards having a successful company is at the forefront of the mind of every entrepreneur, small business owner, and business manager each and every day.

Minor inconveniences will build up and multiply if not addressed or resolved in proper time. One common minor inconvenience that will eventually happen to each small business is a clogged toilet. Keeping your small business’ bathroom clean and functional is an integral part of your customer experience and your employee satisfaction. Of course there are issues more pressing than a toilet that won’t flush, but this is where Johnny Jolter comes in handy.


Johnny Jolter is an essential tool for small businesses that want to keep its restrooms working and in good shape over time. Here are some ways Johnny Jolter can help:

1. Saves Money on Plumbing Costs: If your business’ toilet clogs, many would be inclined to call a plumber to fix the problem. The average rate for a plumber today can be as high as $120. This is a costly expense for any establishment, especially those with limited budget and resources. With Johnny Jolter, you can clear a clog without any delay and at a one time cost at a fraction of the price which saves your business money and time.

2. Saves on Time: A clogged toilet is a major interruption for everyone. If you do not have a plunger on hand, this could cause you to close your restroom until a plumber arrives. If you are fortunate enough to have a plunger ready to go, it may require you dealing with the “crappy” situation yourself or stopping an employee’s work to do it for you. Traditional toilet plungers require many attempts, physical exertion, and are likely to create air bubbles that spill over the side of the toilet creating more mess and more time. Johnny Jolter uses water pressure to clear the toughest clog and saves time with one push and no mess.

3. Improves Hygiene: Toilet blockages can lead to unsavory odors and unsanitary conditions within your bathroom. This can be a major turnoff for customers and employees as they enter into the bathroom area and cheapen the overall experience within your business. Leaving a clogged toilet unattended for too long could potentially lead to health code violations. Johnny Jolter can address the nastiest of clogs and stoppages quickly without allowing the situation to go from bad to worse.

4. Promotes Sustainability: The need for environmental sustainability in small businesses is shifting from being a trend to a necessity. Attempting to clear a toilet clog by repeatedly flushing can waste a significant amount of water. Reducing water waste improves your business’ environmental impact. Rather than trying to flush a clog away, Johnny Jolter can use the water already within the toilet to clear the clog with one push.

Investing in Johnny Jolter Professional Power Plunger is a smart choice for any small business. Johnny Jolter can save you money on plumbing cost, save you from taking time away from daily operations to address a clog, improve your facility’s overall hygiene, and promote sustainability.


Please leave us a review online and let us know your about experience with Johnny Jolter!

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Johnny Jolter Enters NASCAR

In the late summer of 2022, Johnny Jolter hit the racetrack and partnered with NASCAR’s very own, Spencer Boyd. Entering into a one year sponsorship agreement with Spencer Boyd Racing and Young’s Motorsports, Johnny Jolter will aim to increase awareness of a toilet plunger that can transform every American’s household, one clog at a time.

Spencer Boyd discovered the toilet plunger in the summer of 2022 as he came across an Instagram video of the professional power plunger being used as a spoof in a comical take on the plunger’s utility. With a quick search on the internet as well as social media, Boyd reached out with an opportunity to partner with Johnny Jolter and sponsor an official NASCAR driver.Read more

Backed Up Again: Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?

Knowing that unmentionables can be flushed away with a touch of a lever is its own type of happiness. That feeling that you get when you watch them unexpectedly come back up is not. Avoid the stress and the mess by learning about the five most common causes of clogged toilets.

Flushing Non-Flushables

A toy dropped into the toilet bowl by a curious toddler doesn't count as a flushable item, so what does? There are only two things that are considered safe to flush: human waste and toilet paper. To help prevent regular clogs, educate family members that flushing the following items will result in the need for a heavy-duty toilet plunger:

  • Cotton Balls
  • Feminine Products
  • Paper Towels
  • Baby Wipes
  • Tissues
  • Q-Tips
  • Diapers

It should be noted, however, that some of these products have alternate versions that are toilet friendly — just be sure that the packaging is labeled "safe to flush."

Older Low-Flow Toilets

Is your toilet under-performing in the bathroom? Low flow toilets were designed in the 80s to save water by decreasing the amount used per flush by over half. Unfortunately, it only resulted in frustrated bathroom goers having to flush multiple times. Early generation low-flow toilets are notorious cloggers because of their low flushing power. Modern toilets are environmentally friendly and efficient, so you can prevent future clogs by simply upgrading your toilet.

Clogged Toilet Trap

That S-shaped curve under the bowl isn't just for looks. A toilet trap is a curving channel that leads from the hole at the bottom of the bowl to the piping systems. The water inside the toilet trap prevents smelly sewer gases from coming up from the toilet’s pipes and into your home. The downside of this feature is that its shape also causes it to clog easily. Some rigorous plunging will usually fix the problem, but you can easily avoid this by using less toilet paper.

Blocked Toilet Vent

A modern feature on most toilets is a roof vent. Toilet vents funnel fresh air into the plumbing system, boosting the flushing pressure. They can also become a prime nesting site for birds and squirrels. A buildup of twigs and leaves will cause a blockage of airflow and decrease pressure in your plumbing system. If you suspect that your toilet vents have become a wildlife refuge, it's time to hire a professional to clear them.

Clogged Sewer Line

If all of your plumbing seems to be going on strike, there's a good chance there is a sewer line problem. Tree roots, debris, and non-flushable items can build into a mega clog, and no amount of plunging will fix it. Don't be a hero; call a professional plumber to remove the blockage.

Power Up Your Plunging with a Johnny Jolter

This is not your father's plunger. The Johnny Jolter is a syringe-type device that delivers a clog-shattering 140 psi of water pressure, making it easy to unclog your toilet fast. Water is drawn up and blasted out directly into the trap of the toilet, clearing out any nasty buildup inside. All Johnny Jolters are 100% made in the USA by disabled veterans and arrive conveniently pre-assembled on your doorstep with a 2-year warranty.

Learn more about Johnny Jolter and how to live your best clog-free life!


Please leave us a review online and let us know about your experience with Johnny Jolter!

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Don’t Flush Your Money: How Property Managers Can Cut Down on Plumbing Service Costs

As a property manager operating a rental property, charges and expenses tend to pile up over time. A property management company has to deal with eviction fees, property management fees, and monthly management fees — and those are just routine expenses. If a water heater breaks or a pipe bursts and results in water damage, you'll have to deal with much greater expenses. If you start experiencing plumbing issues that you can't fix on your own, the average costs for repair can begin to cut into your bottom line.Read more

toilet with the lid up

Water, CO2, or Air: Which Kind of Pressure Is Best to Unclog a Toilet?

One of the most frustrating experiences as a homeowner is trying to flush the toilet only for the water level to rise to the brim. A clogged toilet drain can be a real nuisance, and wearing rubber gloves only to splash dirty water around using a standard or cup-type plunger is never fun. To unclog a toilet without a plunger, you might try pouring dish soap or baking soda and vinegar into the toilet to clear the plumbing, only to find that the clog is too stubborn for that. What's even worse is when it's nestled too deeply in the trap of the toilet to reach with that unraveled wire coat hanger you've turned into a pipe snake.

Read more