In the late summer of 2022, Johnny Jolter hit the racetrack and partnered with NASCAR’s very own, Spencer Boyd. Entering into a one year sponsorship agreement with Spencer Boyd Racing and Young’s Motorsports, Johnny Jolter will aim to increase awareness of a toilet plunger that can transform every American’s household, one clog at a time.

Spencer Boyd discovered the toilet plunger in the summer of 2022 as he came across an Instagram video of the professional power plunger being used as a spoof in a comical take on the plunger’s utility. With a quick search on the internet as well as social media, Boyd reached out with an opportunity to partner with Johnny Jolter and sponsor an official NASCAR driver.

Aligning Goals

Johnny Jolter is a genuine, authentic American product that has always had one goal: adding value to our consumers. Johnny Jolter is a professional power plunger that saves time and money when it comes to toilet clogs or plumbing stoppages. The alternative and traditional toilet plungers exist simply to “get the job done.” Johnny Jolter is not a power plunger that seeks to “get the job done,” but a plunger that is built on a promise of doing “the job better” than everyone else.

As Johnny Jolter seeks to expand its horizons through NASCAR, which is known to have the most loyal fans than any other sport, Spencer Boyd Racing also seeks to partner with and support companies, products, and people that will benefit and appeal to his fans. Boyd coordinates and sources all of his own sponsorships and delivers on his commitment to give a spotlight on his partners.

Johnny Jolter seeks to support American homeowners, small businesses, and consumers in their plumbing challenges by delivering on a promise of product efficiency and cost savings. NASCAR serves as the ideal “vehicle” for driving that message to consumers which Johnny Jolter looks to serve. As the NASCAR season returns into focus for 2023, Johnny Jolter is excited to continue its journey with racer Spencer Boyd Racing, and his team. So pump it up, NASCAR fans, and push through this season with Johnny Jolter!


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