As a property manager operating a rental property, charges and expenses tend to pile up over time. A property management company has to deal with eviction fees, property management fees, and monthly management fees — and those are just routine expenses. If a water heater breaks or a pipe bursts and results in water damage, you’ll have to deal with much greater expenses. If you start experiencing plumbing issues that you can’t fix on your own, the average costs for repair can begin to cut into your bottom line.

How Property Managers Can Save Plumbing Costs

While the costs that plumbing companies typically charge vary depending on the nature of the problem, they can often range from $250 to more than $800. If it’s possible to solve a problem on your own, that’s always going to be much more cost-efficient than hiring a plumber.

Of course, that’s not to say that you should never hire a plumber. Under no circumstances should you go tearing up the yard to replace a broken pipe on your own, for instance. Property managers should hire a professional when it comes to serious issues that are deep in your plumbing system. However, a combination of preventative care and self-management for minor issues can produce significant savings in the long run.

Encourage Good Tenant Practices

As a property manager or owner, you can’t examine every pipe on your own. It’s essential to build positive relationships with your tenants and inform them of how to avoid contributing to pipe blockages by showing them the best ways to clear a clogged toilet. If they feel satisfied with their rental arrangement, they’ll also be more likely to cooperate with you in spotting blockages early.

Remain Alert to the Signs of a Blockage

Strange smells, gurgling sounds from toilets, and other issues can provide an early warning that a blockage is becoming serious. Of course, any tenant will notice these issues and want them fixed, but they won’t bother reporting them if they feel the manager won’t act. You need to take any plumbing-related matters seriously and be proactive to prevent them from developing into something serious.

Practice Preventative Cleaning and Maintenance

Pipes hardly ever become clogged overnight. Instead, grease, hair, and dirt collect and slowly build up into something that merely slows drainage. Over time, a slow drain eventually becomes a stopped one. If you use cleaning chemicals or even just baking soda and vinegar while a blockage is minor, it can save you headaches and dollars by nipping problems in the bud.

Use a Water Pressure Plunger to Break Clogs Early

Trenchless pipe clearing methods can go a long way to save you money. Using a power plunger like Johnny Jolter to apply pressure down a toilet and into the pipes can make clearing most clogs a breeze. While a high-quality industrial toilet plunger is a modest investment, it pays for itself quickly and virtually guarantees property managers and owners will save plumbing costs in the long run.

If you’re tired of high bills every time you find a clogged toilet, try Johnny Jolter and save plumbing costs. It’s a simple, efficient plunger that generates over 140 psi of water to break through all but the toughest plumbing blockages. Get in touch and learn more about why Johnny Jolter is the right choice for your property management company.


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