One of the most frustrating experiences as a homeowner is trying to flush the toilet only for the water level to rise to the brim. A clogged toilet drain can be a real nuisance, and wearing rubber gloves only to splash dirty water around using a standard or cup-type plunger is never fun. To unclog a toilet without a plunger, you might try pouring dish soap or baking soda and vinegar into the toilet to clear the plumbing, only to find that the clog is too stubborn for that. What’s even worse is when it’s nestled too deeply in the trap of the toilet to reach with that unraveled wire coat hanger you’ve turned into a pipe snake.

Does this mean that you need to break out the old plunger from your closet? No, not quite. In the case of a stubborn clog, you might have trouble generating enough pressure to break through anyway. Instead, consider the best way to unclog a toilet; a water pressure-based automatic plunger that applies enough pressure to break through just about any blockage — the Johnny Jolter Power Plunger!

What Is the Best Way to Unclog a Toilet?

The best way to unclog a toilet is using a high level of pressure to force water into the bowl and pipes to break through any blockage. However, there are three different types of pressure-based machine plungers that vary based on what they use to get through a blockage. These alternative plungers each use water pressure, air pressure, and CO2 pressure.

Each of them has a potent ability to clear toilet clogs and get your toilet bowl running again without having to call a plumber. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re all created equal. The critical factor in their effectiveness — or lack thereof — is the amount of psi they apply and the mess they can make. However, there are other factors to consider besides how easily they clear your clog. This is what makes water pressure the best way to unclog a toilet, rather than air pressure or CO2 pressure.

An air or CO2-based plunger can be more complex and messy than a water pressure plunger. Johnny Jolter is an excellent tool that breaks clogs and keeps your toilet running smoothly thanks to its ease of use, simplicity, and self-contained mechanisms.

Johnny Jolter: Harnessing the Power of Water Pressure

When you use the Johnny Jolter plunger to clear your toilet, you aren’t going to have to buy compressed air or anything else to operate it. It works as a single, complete tool that derives its water pressure from the water in the toilet. 

Once you insert the plunger in the toilet bowl, you pull the handle up to pull water in the plunger like a syringe. You then press the flexible rubber end in the bottom of the toilet, seating it securely, and then push the handle down to force the water into the drain of the toilet, where the clog is lodged to blast the clog down the drain!! There is no mess because the plunger is secured into the bottom of the toilet, unlike other plungers!

The water within the chamber of Johnny Jolter is capable of delivering over 140 pounds per square inch of pressure that will clear most any blockage! This is a cleaner, simpler, and faster alternative to using a hand plunger. It’s also more reliable and safer than pouring chemicals down the drain while also having no negative environmental repercussions. These sorts of benefits are why a water pressure plunger is the best way to unclog a toilet.

When it comes to drain cleaning methods, there’s a lot to worry about; convenience, cost-efficiency, environmental friendliness, and of course, whether or not it actually works. Johnny Jolter satisfies these concerns on every metric, and that’s why you should consider it for your own plumbing needs. For more information about what our power plunger can do for your home, residential property, or business, reach out to us today!


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